Friday, May 6, 2011

Destination 1610: The House of Style

Joe Exclusive is a celebrity stylist, eye wear connoisseur, socialite and owner/founder of Destination 1610, The Stylistic Approach had a chance to get him to answer some questions and let’s just say take notes.

The Stylistic Approach: What is your professional background?
joe eXclusive:
I started off as a hairstylist in Richmond, CA where I am from and moved to L.A. My first client was Eve and I remember when she started she didn’t really have any hair so I dressed her and it became my career!

How did you get your start?
joe eXclusive:
I used to watch music videos and there was a new crew Biggie and Puffy and I watched Puffy in the video and I said there’s something about him he’s gonna be huge.  That was the big poppa video and one day I called his office and his assistant Leotae Blacknoir put me through to him and I said I’ve got it I’m moving 2 “HOLLYWOOD!”

What inspired you to start Destination 1610?
joe eXclusive:
On some award shows I’m working with up to five people running from hotel to house to hotel and I wanted an “Exclusive” location.  I needed a place for my array of clients who range from music, reality television, actors, athletes to business professionals.  Also, I wanted a place where I can have Mya recording in the studio, Keyshia Cole doing a photo shoot and a new artist in the dance rehearsal space.  They could meet, vibe and create.   I’ve been known for putting many people together and getting a few people signed or being part of it like Yung Berg, Keyshia Cole and others.

What is the array of services Destination 1610 offers?
joe eXclusive:
Recording studio, photo shoot space, hair, make up, wardrobe, styling, dance rehearsal space, showroom, PR and video production.

What gives Destination 1610 its own uniqueness?
joe eXclusive:
Destination 1610 is a one-stop shop, we offer what music labels don’t offer anymore, artist development… “WE ARE A MODERN DAY MOTOWN!!!!”

What’s next after Destination 1610?
joe eXclusive:
More locations, smile.  Also I will have a television show based around my life, Destination 1610 and the crew there.

When you leave the house what is the one thing you cannot go without?
joe eXclusive:
Cell, man bag  (Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga) and eyewear (preferably vintage or Louis Vuitton)
What does style mean to you and how do you approach it?
joe eXclusive:
Style is a way of life that you create.  It’s a fantasy that you live out everyday.  You can become whoever you want it’s a fa├žade, you make it whatever you want.  Just be true to you and love it.

What is that one item every woman must have in their closet?
joe eXclusive:
A tuxedo jacket.

So you have heard it from Joe Exclusive who does not just know the life of style but lives it!
Destination 1610 is located at 1610 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404 (blocks from Interscope & Def Jam Records).  For serious inquiries about setting up an appointment or renting space email

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