Friday, March 23, 2012


It's about that time where we can allow our minds to experience color! In Men's Fashion especially, being that it's the first day of Spring. Colors and Pastels are a way to embody those fashion freedoms in which we want to create a masterpiece of art in what we wear. Men, get ready to take it to the next level in Inspired Knots, (luxury ties and bow ties). This line is like no other, with color combos and prints to elaborate any outfit. Put those boring group of ties in the back of the closet and get BOLD! As the Sun pierces through your window giving you that ray of sun which puts you in the mood of being outdoors, allow your wardrobe to do the same, INSPIRE you.  Before you hit the town for the day put on your favorite pair of Khaki's with a nice plaid shirt (Light mint, white, lavender and light pink) with the sleeves cuffed just right over your elbows and then grab your Periwinkle Inspired Knots bow tie to add a touch of sophistication. Before you put on your white Sperry's be Sure to have your Ipod with your gals favorite tunes to listen to in the park while you guys relax under the sun! Spring and Fashion can't get any better than this!!!!

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